Meet the Makers

One of us grew up in a cabin in the woods....
one of us on the busy streets of Los Angeles.

We've been chasing dreams and stories for as long as we can remember, from falling for each other while watching scary movies -- to reading the same Narnian tales from our childhood to our little ones at night. We are 100% invested in a life of the fantastic and we want to bring a wee bit of that right to your home. BlueForest BlackMoon is our labor of love to share our deep seated adoration of literature, truly great cinema, and all the oddness that lives in our imaginations (and yours too). 

We have been making our own candles since 2016 and we are incredibly proud of the artisan product we've developed. From our virgin coconut-soy wax to our ethically sourced woodwicks that crackle delightfully, to our custom blended fragrances that you won't find anywhere else.
Thank you for shopping with us -- from making things with our own two hands, to designing apparel and fighting for the things that matter ....
we are so glad to have you as part of the
BlueForest BlackMoon family.