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SCENT PROFILE: Pine Bark - Sandalwood - Belief

“Deep Throat said "trust no one." And that's hard, Scully. Suspecting everyone, everything, it wears you down. You even begin to doubt what you know is the truth. Before, I could only trust myself. Now, I can only trust you...and they've taken you away from me.” - Fox Mulder

OH MULDER — we couldn’t love you more. Thank you for teaching us to believe and to look beyond what is right in front of our eyes. We want to believe right along with you. Light this candle for warm, masculine scents tinged with the woodsiness of pine and sandalwood (since some of our favorite scenes were spent dashing through towering forests). Light to discover the truth. 

Candle in ivory wax and marbled in shades of blue, green, gold, purple, and red to symbolize the other worlds out there.  

BlueForest BlackMoon candles are crafted by hand in our tiny studio in Georgia. We use a 100% coconut-soy blend wax for a lovely clean burn enhanced by the crackle of an ethically sourced woodwick! We custom blend every one of our fragrances to ensure a transportive experience every time you set your wick aflame. Available in 12 oz, 10 oz, 4 oz amber recycled glass jars, and also as wax melts!