Hansel & Gretel


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SCENT PROFILE: Gingerbread & Spun Sugar

Soon Hansel and Gretel came to a little cottage. When they got quite near, they saw that the little house was made of bread and roofed with cake. The windows were transparent sugar.” -- The Brothers Grimm

The sounds of the forest are broken only by hungry little hands grasping at frosted shutters. Would you have been able to resist the witch's gingerbread eaves? The siren song of candied fairyfloss windowpanes? We don't think we could have -- not when the scent of this candle has us desperately searching the cupboards for something sweet. Good thing we are clever, and much like two shrewd children in the wood, our cleverness has kept us safe so far.

Light your wick to be transported to a dark clearing where a certain ginger-cottage awaits. If you look closely -- you'll see it smile. 

A shop favorite with a new label update! Formed in ivory wax and topped with spun sugar floss, miniature candy pieces and a little gingerbread cookie. 

Vessel will be an amber glass jar for all sizes but 15 oz, which will be in a black matte jar.

BlueForest BlackMoon candles are crafted by hand in our tiny studio. We use a 100% coconut-soy wax for a lovely clean burn enhanced by the crackle of an ethically sourced woodwick! We custom blend every one of our fragrances to ensure a transportive experience each time you set your wick aflame.