Forage Body Oil


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SCENT PROFILE: Fern - Lichen - Earth

You’ve gathered an apron full of white caps and chervil to take back to your cottage at the edge of the wood. You’ll use what you’ve found for tinctures that those in the nearest village will call “magic”. When you know the names of the morels and the lichen … everything in the forest has a purpose. You’ll wake before dawn tomorrow to return to this particular spot to forage for nettles — only you know where to find the best ones. 

With scents of bright fern, dark lichen, and black earth — this body oil will have you breathing in the forest all day long. 

Our Forage body oil contains an organic foraged hedera helix leaf, the tiniest little foraged mushroom you've ever seen,  a miniature dried lily, and reindeer moss floating like a woodland dream in our golden sweet almond oil. This oil is a lovely compliment to our Forage candle and can be made with or without any of these additions -- just let us know in your order notes! 

Thank you so much to @temporary.escaper for her help in designing these incredible new labels!

BlueForest BlackMoon bath and body products are crafted by hand in our tiny studio in Georgia. Our organic sweet almond oil is enhanced with phthalate-free custom-blended organic skin-safe fragrance, rosewater, and all the good vibes we can muster. Use this oil in your bath, directly on your skin (after testing for allergies!), and we even use it as an oil cleanser. We swear this stuff is a magic skin potion and we use it every day -- we hope you love it as much as we do.